April 20, 2021

Creating an appropriate outdoor environment in Davie Academy

The outdoor environment is a crucial place for development for young learners. The outdoor area allows for movement, motor enhancement and energy outlets for the early childhood arena. Creating an appropriate outdoor environment takes a great deal of thought and research, however the establishment of such an environment is very important in the success of […]

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How to stimulate children’s language development in the classroom?

“Language is a well-ordered system of rules…” (Charlesworth, p.408). The way that language can be stimulated in the classroom is based on the age of the children at hand. The following activities will be based on the age-appropriate lesson and activities for children in Davie Academy: Dramatic Area Language Stimulation Children in small groups are […]

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Laws that regulate preschools at a glance

Summarizing laws that regulate preschools in the state of Florida is a difficult task. The summary of Florida Code, including Broward County Department of Children and Families Code in glance page document is practically impossible. Below are outlines of the most important part of the code in the Florida laws which will be the student-teacher […]

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