“Language is a well-ordered system of rules…” (Charlesworth, p.408). The way that language can be stimulated in the classroom is based on the age of the children at hand. The following activities will be based on the age-appropriate lesson and activities for children in Davie Academy:

Dramatic Area Language Stimulation

Children in small groups are asked to do tea time with the dolls and costumes around them. In this area, children can learn from one another and use vocabulary words that are related to real-life activities such as cooking, cleaning, and organizational skills. Children can learn from peers how each household does mealtime and eating patterns of food preparation. The dramatic area may create an abundance of discussion and fantasy, which develops language acquisition in children ages 3 to 6 years old. 

Block Area

The block area is another great place for language acquisition. During the time when children are busy building and making structures; they can discuss such topics as organization, geometric shapes, and quantities. Such language improves logical skills in language development.

Second Language Learners

“Strategies for second-language learners have been observed during socio-dramatic play.” These strategies can be reinforced in the classroom during small group activities and also promoted during outside activities where children can experience the freedom to choose different areas of play that is not only social but also interactive.

Language development can be stimulated in the classroom through puppets and large books that children enjoy listening to. Guest speakers such as the” tooth fairy” and the “fireman” can also be a great motivation for children to learn new words because they love to see and meet new people that bring and/or show them exciting areas of everyday life.

Language is an integral part of life and language development for children ages 3 to 6 years old and is a vital part of the Davie Academy Preschool Curriculum.