Davie Academy has developed a character development program which is aligned with Broward County Schools. The character development curriculum focuses on eight core character traits: citizenship, cooperation, honesty, kindness, respect, responsibility, self-control, tolerance. Allowing children to learn about character is essential for a strong early childhood program. Regulating emotions and having a safe space for expression is vital for young students in the early childhood classroom, therefore Davie Academy promotes team-building classes, as well as ample opportunities for children to practice citizenship, cooperation, honesty, kindness, respect, responsibility, self-control, tolerance.


At Davie Academy children learn about the United States government, heritage, and all the men and women who have served the United States and sacrificed for their country.


Students at Davie Academy learn how to work together, share, and attain a common goal.


It is important to teach young children about trustworthiness and at Davie Academy lessons and curriculum enhance skills of sincerity and honesty.


Children at Davie Academy help one-another, care about their classmates, teachers, and their environment, as well as learn how to be caring, thoughtful, and compassionate.


The importance of being respectful is the core of the mission and vision at Davie Academy and therefore, all students learn how to show consideration for all people within the community and beyond.


Learning how to be dependable and reliable is an essential part of the early childhood curriculum at Davie Academy.


A great part of growing up is learning how to control your emotions, actions, and movements. Curricular plans are catered towards promoting life-skills to children at Davie Academy.


A melting pot community of teachers, parents, directors, aides, and students promotes a recognition and deep respect for the beliefs, customs, values, and differences at Davie Academy. “