April 20, 2021

The need for human interaction is vital in a child’s survival and development

Early experiences have profound and literary life and death outcomes for young children. “Between 25 to 30 percent of these infants and toddlers, receiving custodial care without human interaction, died” (Wittmer, D. S., & Petersen, S. H. (p.112). The need for human interaction is vital in a child’s survival as shown in research. The website […]

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Toys should meet developmental milestones of children

The importance of toys in an early learning academy is clearly shown by Wittmer & Peterson (2018) upon review of such learning concepts as object permanence, cause and effect, use of tools, use of space, language and literacy, and numbers. The qualities needed in toys are primarily and most importantly the safety parameters such as […]

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Infants use their reflexes for survival as they explore the world around them.

“Traditionally reflexes have been understood to occur at the brainstem level, automatically keeping the infant alive” (Whitmmer & Peterson, 2008). The YouTube video called Childhood Motor Skills shows how reflexes help the survival of the infant. The video showcases the need for young children to react to dangers such as falling, the need for food, […]

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