April 20, 2021

Social and emotional growth for young children is the core of the DAVIE ACADEMY

Curriculum Children need love and support from their environment. Socially, children need a constant and reassuring environment which promotes learning and stimulation for cognitive skills. The warm environment and a loving atmosphere is the core part of the curriculum within the Davie Academy Preschool.  Socially, children need an abundance of printed and spoken language all […]

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Play is a vital part of learning and innovating

Play-Learn-Innovate Davie Academy Play is a vital part of learning. Through play children learn cognitive skills and language development. Playing takes on many facets in a child’s day and may include motion and interaction, play with objects, play with language, play with social materials, and dramatic play. Children may be playing side by side in […]

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All children are born with an altruistic inclination to help, give and be kind.

In the 2020 Nature Research Scientific Report: Altruistic food-sharing behavior by human infants after a hunger manipulation, the authors show: “Our investigation experimentally tested whether human infants, at 19 months of age, in the absence of any verbal request, spontaneously, repeatedly, and swiftly give away desirable food to a begging stranger” (Rodolfo Cortes Barragan1,2*, Rechele […]

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