The intervention activities include games and other fun events for parents and caregivers and their young children. Each sheet contains activities that correspond to ages in the ASQ-3 intervals: 1–4 months old, 4–8 months old, 8–12 months old, 12–16 months old, 16–20 months old, 20–24 months old, 24–30 months old, 30–36 months old, 36–48 months old, 48–60 months old, and 60–66 months old. These sheets can be photocopied and used in monitoring programs in a variety of ways. The intervention activities suggestions can be mailed or given to parents with ASQ-3, or they can be attached to a feedback letter along with the ASQ-3 results. They can be printed or enlarged onto colored paper. Parents can be encouraged to post the sheets on their refrigerator door or bulletin board and to try activities with their young children as time allows. If a child has difficulties in a particular developmental area, a service provider can star or underline certain games that might be particularly useful for parents to present. Similarly, service providers and family members can modify the activities to make them match the family’s cultural setting and available materials. As with all activities for young children, these intervention activities should be supervised by an adult at all times. Intervention activities are available in several languages in ASQ Online and at Intervention activities are provided in English and Spanish in the ASQ®-3 User’s Guide, Appendix F, as well as on the CD-ROM that accompanies the ASQ-3 questionnaires (provided in English with ASQ-3 English questionnaires and in Spanish with ASQ®-3 Spanish).
Age Group Action
Infants 1—4 Months Old
Infants 4—8 Months Old
Infants 8—12 Months Old
Infants 12—16 Months Old
Toddlers 16—20 Months Old
Toddlers 20—24 Months Old
Children 24—30 Months Old
Children 30—36 Months Old
Children 36—48 Months Old
Children 48—60 Months Old
Children 60—66 Months Old