Children need love and support from their environment. Socially, children need a constant and reassuring environment which promotes learning and stimulation for cognitive skills. The warm environment and a loving atmosphere is the core part of the curriculum within the Davie Academy Preschool. 

  1. Socially, children need an abundance of printed and spoken language all around their environment because such activities promote language acquisition.
  2. Children need to be stimulated through reinforcement and positive feedback about their behavior and actions. 
  3. Children need to be reassured and redirected that what they are doing is appropriate and or not appropriate. 
  4. Children learn through observations as well so peers have a great deal of influence on the social growth and development of children. Peers interact and model behaviors, language and play habits. The social setting enables children to interact and use the surrounding environment as a source of growth.
  5. Emotionally, children need to form a good bond of love and affection with a caregiver. 
  6. During this primary stage of development children need to have awareness that their needs are being met by the caregiver and that a bond of trust is formed. This bond allows for children to gain autonomy and a sense of self. 
  7. Emotional well-being is crucial for overall development and has one of the biggest effects on a child’s success in the school and preschool setting.


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