Conducting a safety assessment on the indoor environment of Davie Academy and report your findings is essential to our learning model.

Safety is crucial to an early childhood setting and the success of a program. A program can be smooth and worry-free for teachers, administrators, and families with factor of safety. Therefore the focus of checking and assessing the indoor environment of a preschool should be done on a monthly basis, as per the Department of Children and Families rules and regulation.

Davie Academy located at 3337 N. University Drive, Davie, Florida 33024 conducts the assessment routinely.

The first focus of the safety assessment is done on a Department of Children and Families logs and is attached within the facility binder in Davie Academy located at 3337 N. University Drive, Davie, Florida 33024.

Beginning the indoor safety assessment is the vents for the air conditioning units in each class. The A/C unit vents by code must be cleaned on a monthly basis to ensure that clean air is always filtered from the A/C units to the class space. Placed in various locations in various spaces, these air vents must be cleaned as well to ensure air quality on a monthly basis. 

The next safety check is all the fans such as exhaust fans, dryer fans, and ceiling fans. For correct working capabilities, all of these apparatus should be checked on a monthly basis because these mechanisms may heighten danger in each class. Cleanliness should also be maintained and observed.

Smoke detectors are a major component of the safety check within each preschool environment. Smoke detectors should be checked as well Since fire drills are and should be performed regularly. Smoke doctors ensure that the overall fire safety maintenance is allocated within an environment which takes care of the youngest humans, who may not be as keen to sound and smell as adults.

The final safety check should be done in the preschool environment to check the toys, shelves, all outlets. This is done on a daily basis and should be checked for disinfections and safety purposes.