April 20, 2021

Play is a vital part of learning and innovating

Play-Learn-Innovate Davie Academy Play is a vital part of learning. Through play children learn cognitive skills and language development. Playing takes on many facets in a child’s day and may include motion and interaction, play with objects, play with language, play with social materials, and dramatic play. Children may be playing side by side in […]

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All children are born with an altruistic inclination to help, give and be kind.

In the 2020 Nature Research Scientific Report: Altruistic food-sharing behavior by human infants after a hunger manipulation, the authors show: “Our investigation experimentally tested whether human infants, at 19 months of age, in the absence of any verbal request, spontaneously, repeatedly, and swiftly give away desirable food to a begging stranger” (Rodolfo Cortes Barragan1,2*, Rechele […]

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The need for human interaction is vital in a child’s survival and development

Early experiences have profound and literary life and death outcomes for young children. “Between 25 to 30 percent of these infants and toddlers, receiving custodial care without human interaction, died” (Wittmer, D. S., & Petersen, S. H. (p.112). The need for human interaction is vital in a child’s survival as shown in research. The website […]

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