April 20, 2021

Brain Research and Its Importance on Brain Development

The site Better Brains for Babies: Recent Research on the Brain and Early Childhood Development at https://www.bbbgeorgia.org/ (Links to an external site.) has a great deal of information on the importance of brain development throughout life. The brain is something that is actually not been fully researched and has many myths surrounded with the development and the need for […]

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Why is School Culture Important?

How does Davie Academy Stand Out from the Crowd as a Leader in Early Childhood Education? In the article called “What Makes a Good School Culture?” written by Leah Shafer for the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the author states that “a culture will be strong or weak depending on the interactions between people in […]

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Social and emotional growth for young children is the core of the DAVIE ACADEMY

Curriculum Children need love and support from their environment. Socially, children need a constant and reassuring environment which promotes learning and stimulation for cognitive skills. The warm environment and a loving atmosphere is the core part of the curriculum within the Davie Academy Preschool.  Socially, children need an abundance of printed and spoken language all […]

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