Davie Academy Staff

The Construction of the Brain in Early Childhood

The construction of the brain is interdependent on the child’s first experiences. The YouTube video provided for this module by Dr. Michael W. Regier explains that in the first two years of a child’s life brain cells that are used are reinforced and those that are seldom used break connections. This “use it or lose […]

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Strategies for Teaching Children How to Hold a Spoon and Eat Independently

The consideration of the zone of proximal development when helping an infant use a spoon begins with first identifying the spoon and naming the spoon itself. The teacher can begin with pretend play as the teacher may use stuffed animals, plastic toys and a spoon to play pretend with the toddler and show how to […]

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Education Beyond the School Walls: Media Literacy in the Private Early Childhood Arena

Introduction The early childhood private sector education has a myriad of variations when it comes to choices for parents and the education of children. Programs such as Montessori, Walldorf, Reggio Emilio, STEM and call them ‘basic daycare,’ can be seen in every major corner of most major cities. Some of these programs are accredited, others […]

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